The scribe of Same Apartment is correct folks, even though he prefers to see the glass half empty. I’ve got some great things coming, but I’ve got to draw them first. It’s a sad, sad rule in webcomics folks. Don’t worry, I’m going to be pounding the paper and scribbling away. I’m going to try to do four comics over the next week so I can return to the two comic a week schedule. It’s been hard on me with this last arc and I’m in the mood to do some silly stuff again. I’ll have you know that the real reason that I’ve been slacking on the Saturday updates on Same Apartment is that I’ve been teaching myself to ink, and it’s proving harder than I thought. I’ve got some good pictures, but I think the real joy I’ve found is that it’s actually worked the other way. My pencils are getting nice and crisp. I thought that maybe I can have some fun with that, maybe a comic only in pencils, we’ll see how that turns out.

Clean pencils on Garry ol' ME?!

Gar seems to be happy with it..

So anyway guys I’ll see you in a couple of weeks and have fun out there!