If you don’t want a commission, or don’t have something you’d like to advertise (at low low rock bottom prices) then you can skip this journal. You have been warned.

Hey everybody, how would you like to get a sketch commission? Well now’s your chance to have a nice sketch from the one and only *drumroll* ME!

Up on the block are three slots so far and when I get done with those, I’ll see about putting up some more spaces depending on time and energy. It’s simple really. Here are the numbers:

$10 sketch commissions. This is a drawing plain and simple. It’ll be a bit cleaner than the scribbles here, but this is a good indication of the drawing you’ll be getting:

No the girls do not come with the commission..

No the girls do not come with the commission..

That’s the deal!  I’d love to expand this kind of thing, so people please show your interest and I’ll be sure to do more than three. If it flies and I can get these things done quick enough, maybe I can offer a bit of color next time (heck who knows, I might just throw in some color on the first three just for the hell of it).  This is all I ask of you:

  • Reference for your character (or what you want me to draw). If it’s a popular character, like say Spongebob, then I can find some pictures no problem, but I can’t dig through your gallery to find that one character you want.
  • Keep it simple: I have to limit this to one character for now, but maybe if it takes off, I’ll work it out so you can add characters in. I’ll work with you to get the optimum picture.
  • Payment up front. I hate to say it, but I’ve worked with the idea that I’ll be paid down the line, and not only does the art suffer then I have to chase people down and no one wants that. So once you pay then I can start the image.

That’s quick and painless (I hope). So any takers? All you need to do is note me on Deviantart here: [link] or shoot me an email to sameapartment (at) gmail (dot) com

Ok, that’s the first part, now here’s something also interesting.

I’ve got Project Wonderful ads running now on Tomcat Ltd. So if there’s any comic creators out there wanting an extra place to plug their comic at cheap cheap prices, then come on my way. All you have to do is click on the ugly white box and replace it with your beautiful artwork. Every penny goes toward keeping me off the streets and out of the public. And isn’t that a worthy cause?