Fat Bear

Weird and Whimsical..

Gar Bludovic:

Large fun loving bear that he is, he still takes things like gaming and his friends very seriously. He always enjoys a good challenge from anybody who will present it. Gar lives in the house with Mort, who he has known since school, and Posey who hasn’t known him for very long at all. Perhaps his greatest gaming face off was a battle for the ages with Mac who was beating lesser players for her own amusement. He surprised her when, instead of becoming a rival, he offered her his friendship. Liu Kang would’ve wanted it that way.

Leetle White Rabbit

Blushing and Sweet..

Posey Blanc:

The newest roommate at the house. She moved in three years ago. Posey owes Mort and Gar for helping her in a rough time when she left her parents’ home. She’s usually insecure about a few aspects of her life such as moving out and living independently, but she doesn’t let it ruin her sunny disposition, at least never for long. Posey is the most artistic member in the house. She can often be seen writing, doodling or painting. A very optimistic person, another hobby of Posey’s is trying to help Mort be a little more cheerful.


Smart and Skeptical..

Mort Howe:

Mort is a scientist and an inventor. He spends most of his day in the lab down inside the basement, fine tuning his dimensional portal or looking at that pesky problems he has trying to turn humans into energy. He’s not a mad scientist, just an angry one. Though not a complete shut in deep in his lab, he does need convincing. Gar seems to be the only one to be able to get Mort to have fun, but Posey seems to be softening him a bit. He gets especially moody around the holidays, even against Posey’s eternal optimism.


Scurvy Jackanape..

Olivia “Mac” MacArthur:

Gar’s best friend and favorite game opponent, Mac plays video games with almost the same passion as Gar, even though she doesn’t seem to share his zen-like quality about the craft. She can sometimes get overexcited, but the other housemates always manage to bring her down to earth. Mac works at Bookington’s with Posey getting their souls crushed for 40 hours a week (just like any other consumer service job!) Though she is very tomboyish, she gets very agitated when someone confuses her for a boy. She can be forgiving though. Maybe..