Guys I didn’t forget about the contest! I just wanted to put it up with this update. There are two parts and today starts the first. So here we go.

The first part of the contest is to answer this question: Tell me what the titles of the comics mean in this arc. I’m sure you’ve noticed that since Same Apartment #46, there have been titles on the upper right corner of the comic along with the number. Since the Reporter’s demise, they’ve all had something in common. If you can tell me what that is, I’ll give you something nice. I’ll say it again:

What do all of the comic titles in the upper right corner (from #192 onward) have in common?

This first part is a simple one, so I’ll give the prize to whoever gets it right first. The prize will be a picture of your choosing, anything you want (although, let’s try to keep it clean guys..) . The contest starts tomorrow November 04th (that way everybody has time to see this), and ends either when the first person answers or when the comic ends (whichever comes first).

If you have any questions, you can note me on deviantArt here, or you can send me a message on Twitter here. I really don’t have a way to check the messages here for most of the day (really crappy I know..) so you may get a slow answer.

The second part goes up in a few days (hopefully after someone gets the first part)