This is probably the most detail I’ve put into a comic since.. last week..

I think I made the furthest call back on this one. That WIII, comes from Same Apartment 021. That has to count for something. And no, Gar really isn’t that shallow, but let’s just give him a break. He did just get knocked on his ass back there. Someone had to lighten the mood, and Gar is the best man for the job.

I figure Mort has some kind of contingency plan in his lab. Something like a bubble that will encase him if say, an explosion breaks out. And if that is a raging fireball, I’m sure it would deposit him in the backyard by some means. Maybe a pea shooter or something. Thing is, I’m sure you’d rather not go into all that here but I’m sure you wanted to know. Maybe I’ll draw it someday.

I Roll with Rockman..