I would say that this is on time, but the original end date for Same Apartment was Halloween. That makes the final arc the longest one of them all. I learned a lot from Same Apartment. When I first started work on it I was still working on the Super Mario Bros comics and each one would take me about a month to do. At my best on this comic, I got down to two updates a week. I told myself that this is just a learning experience and if it were ever no fun to do, then I’d stop. I had some weeks where it was a hassle, but then at the end it was nice to read that joke. I’m glad you guys stuck with me for this long.

My biggest concern on this was to leave it open ended. I didn’t want to have them move away, or separate or something that would force me to do an arc of them getting back together if I ever wanted to do more Same Apartment. When I thought about the destruction of the house, I thought that hey, maybe they can end up in Mac’s tiny apartment. And so, Same Apartment ended just how it started. By breaking the fourth wall in a stupid way.

In a way, I feel like it’s the end of the school year. Not high school or college, but like it felt at the end of ninth or tenth grade. Sure it feels like I’m leaving this place, but soon, sooner than I’d like probably, I’ll be right back in this stupid desk.

Quit breaking the fourth wall..