It’s been awhile since Gar had a win in comic. It’s happened before with John (the official writer of Same Apartment) and me. I took Arale on Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and kicked the crap out of John’s super saiyans with her (for anybody wondering, Arale’s the little girl in the game with practically no power). Every game has them, the Jigglypuffs, and the Servbots and the fairy boys with the butterfly nets. It’s always fun to destroy somebody with the joke character. Probably the only thing more fun than that is destroying someone after they HoYEAH in your face.

Such is Mac’s folly. She has taken her medicine and it is bitter.

Also if anybody is still wondering, they’re playing Tekken 6, and Mac’s talking about the special Cardboard Tube Samurai costume that can be gotten by Yoshimitsu.