All this destruction is killing my working time on these comics. But weirdly enough, I’m not getting sick of the arc yet. Usually I’m getting arc fatigue at this point.

I know it’s just a model, but my heart broke a little bit to add the Enterprise D in panel three. Originally the word bubble was up there but the bubble was a little too small. I thought it would add a little more to show that this part came from Mort’s room (along with his uncle’s photo first seen here). The Next Generation’s Enterprise D was always my favorite incarnation of the ship, which is why I had Posey give it to him in the first place, and to have it lying in the dirt was ripping my fanboy heart out.

A fanboy died somewhere because of that ship in the dirt..

The only other really interesting bit is that I forgot that Mort lost his glasses for one panel. I’m sure you can figure out which one.