It’s been too long. Scratch that. A whole month between comics is waaaaaayyy too long. But here are the final days of Same Apartment. The reason I’ve been slacking so is that I went north to meet someone very special in the beginning of the month. I had a great time and a couple of weeks ago was the earliest I could get back to the comic. Those post vacation blues sure can kill your motivation, so with a little effort, I got past it back to my normal (slow but not MONTH long) schedule for the last two.

Now who here really thought I was going to kill Posey raise your hands. Those of you with your hands raised hate joy. The fish on the other hand (affectionately referred to as the Same Aquarium) weren’t so lucky. RIP fish. John (affectionately referred to as the Official Writer of Same Apartment) wrote out this long eulogy for the fish and I hid it behind Mort and Mac. Sorry John (not really, no word bubbles to have to worry about.. tee hee).