I’ve always put a little bit of thought into the relationship between Mort and his muse, The Embodiment of Science. I’ve always known that she was in his head and would never come in contact with the other characters. She was special to Mort. I haven’t had her in the comic for awhile, but you see her influence here and there (that’s basically her he’s talking about in the start of the Mosey On arc).

One thing I wish I fleshed out more over the years was Mort’s safety net. This house is his safe haven. He got that from his uncle, both figuratively in his reclusive behavior and in the case of the house, literally. Mort’s muse knows that. If you look at all her appearances, you’ll see that she always had Mort’s well being in mind.

If you look closely here though, you may be surprised.

That's one subtle box..