Introducing a new format in this one. I originally made the horizontal comics to save time on the thing and it worked for those little comics like say this one, but unfortunately for a comic of moderate size like say this one or this, required more space and got crammed (I even had to make that last one a little bigger to accommodate all the words in there). So I thought why not instead of trying to cram everything in a small space like that, why not just do what Penny Arcade and PVP do and just extend the comic down a little. So I took my 11×6 comic and extended it down into an 11×12 comic. And in doing so, shot myself in the foot. Because, like I said, I made the original horizontal comics smaller to save time. Maybe I just don’t know the term streamlining..

But enough about me.. This comic’s about Mr. Ashley Denver Gorey. He’s a professional gamer, and I don’t know if there are too many of these guys running around, but let’s say in the Same Apartment world there are. It’s pretty self exclamatory, he tests games and on the side plays in tournaments. He and Mac work well together don’t they? This comic was done because while we had some wonderful jokes to go with the guy, we had no way to introduce him. We thought about doing another comic like Mac’s introduction, but that seemed like a retread. See Denver is what Mac was originally. When she was first thought up she was going to be this antagonistic gamer to contrast Gar’s more zen-like perspective. So the only things we could think about for his intro was Mac’s story.. But hey I thought, why not just put him in there? And then we thought about the intro to the comic and the three main characters (it burns to look up those hyperlinks, you’d better appreciate them). So here’s Denver. I hope you like him. Or hate him. He’s just that kind of guy.