I’ve had this in my scripts for awhile, and I thought it would be a good one to test out the capabilities of my new laptop. Tax return time is such a world of possibilities. Anyway, this new machine is miles above my old dinosaur. That one had problems, the least of which that it still had the old owner’s name on all the files. It made it kind of frustrating. Like it’s not actually mine or something. Anyway, as this is the first time I got a new one while the old one was still living, the old one will be going into my desk station rather than tucked all haphazardly in the living room shelf. That’ll make it nice that the cats don’t have to jump over it to get from one chair to the couch. And a bonus that the old shelves in this place flex when they change temperatures, I don’t have to worry about the old girl falling over when one side curves into a 45° angle. Oh the joys of living in an old apartment. Currently there’s an old doorstop holding it upright.

Anyway Mac seems to have one of the other benefits of old apartments, tiny water heaters. I’ll bet Mort doesn’t squirm when Gar scrubs his back.